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Unit 19. I have done … (Present Perfect) and I did … (Past Simple)
(смысловые различия между предложениями в настоящем совершенном и простом прошедшем времени)

See Unit 15 I have done … (Present Perfect 1)
See Unit 16 Have you ever … (Present Perfect 2)
See Unit 17 How long have you … (Present Perfect 3)
See Unit 9 I watched/ cleaned/ went etc. (Past Simple)
See Unit 10 I didn’t … Did you …? (Past Simple negative and questions)
We use the Past Simple (did/ arrived/ saw/ was etc.) with a finished time (yesterday/ last week/ in 1986/ six months ago etc.):
past + finished time  
We arrived yesterday
last week
at 3 o'clock
in 1986
six months ago
Unit 19. I have done … (Present Perfect) and I did … (Past Simple)

We do not use the Present Perfect (have done / have arrived / have been etc.) with a finished time:
- I saw Jack yesterday. (not I have seen Jack yesterday)
- Where were you last night? (not Where have you been last night?)
- We didn't have a holiday last year. (not We haven't had)
- I got up at 7.15. I washed, dressed and then I had breakfast.
- William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a writer. He wrote many plays and poems.
(not … has been a writer … has written many plays)
Use the Past Simple to ask When? or What time?:
- When did they arrive? (not When have they arrived?)
Present Perfect
I have lost my key.
(= I can't find it now)
Bill has gone home.
(= he isn't here now)
Have you seen Ann?
(= where is she now?)
Unit 19. I have done … (Present Perfect) and I did … (Past Simple)
Have you ever been to Spain?
(= in your life, until now)
My friend is a writer.
He has written many book.
We've lived in Singapore for six years.
(we live there now)
but Past Simple
I lost my key yesterday.
Bill went home ten minutes ago.
When did you see Ann?
Unit 19. I have done … (Present Perfect) and I did … (Past Simple)
Did you go to Spain last year?
Shakespeare wrote many plays and poems.
We lived in Glasgow for six years
but now we live in Singapore.
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