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Unit 39. If I had known … I wish I had known …
(использование оборотов If I had known … и I wish I had known …)

Study this example situation:

Last month Gary was in hospital for an operation. Liz didn't know this, so she didn't go to visit him. They met a few days ago. Liz said:

If I had known you were in hospital, I would have gone to visit you.

Liz said: If I had known you were in hospital… The real situation was that she didn't know he was in hospital.


When you are talking about the past, you use if + had ('d)… (if I had known/been/done etc.):


Do not use would in the if-part of the sentence. We use would in the other part of the sentence:

Note that 'd can be would or had:

We use had (done) in the same way after wish. I wish something had happened = I am sorry that it didn't happen:

Do not use would have… after wish in these sentences:

Compare would (do) and would have (done):

Compare would have, could have and might have:

If the weather hadn't been so bad another bracket to table we would have gone out.
we could have gone out.
(= we would have been able to go out)
we might have gone out.
(= perhaps we would have gone out)


See Unit 15 Past Perfect (I have done)
(прошедшее совершенное время)

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(использование оборотов If I knew … и I wish I knew …)

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