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The Author

Antony Miall was born in the Lake District but migrated south at the age of nine months. He spent his childhood in Royal Tunbridge Wells where he had ample opportunity to observe the English at their most characteristic.

Apart from a brief spell in an educational establishment in one of the northern home counties, he has spent his life safely south of the Thames within easy reach of the Mediterranean.

Despite "a good education", he has never quite qualified in Englishness. Among the subjects he is unable to get to grips with are discomfort and moderation. Not naturally competitive, he has nevertheless strenuously defended the right of others to follow all types of sport, especially on Saturday afternoons when he likes to have the shops to himself.

In addition to shopping his enthusiasms include playing the piano better than he thought he could. This he has done several times on concert platforms, on the radio and on television. He also enjoys seeing his name in print and has written several books on Victorian songs and society, which he studied during the breaks between music lectures.

Bringing his talents to bear on a career as a public relations consultant, he has handled a surprising number of clients in many fields. Still looking for the ideal occupation, he is seeking a challenging opening for an ambitious, competitive, thrusting executive (for a friend) and a highly paid non-executive position with plenty of travel to warm countries for himself.

Once happily married, he is now just happily in Wandsworth, has one daughter, two cats and a very significant other.

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