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Unit 49. He said that …/ He told me that …

Unit 49. He said that… / He told me that…
am/is -> was (she said) ‘I'm working.’ -> She said that she was working.
(they said to us) ‘The hotel isn't very good.’ -> They told us that the hotel wasn't very good.
are -> were (I said) ‘The shops are open.’ -> I said that the shops were open.
have/has -> had (I said to him) ‘I've finished my work.’ -> I told him that I had finished my work.
can -> could (Tom said) ‘I can't come to the party.’ -> Tom said that he couldn't come to the party.
will -> would (my friends said to me) ‘The exam will be easy.’ -> My friends told me that the exam would be easy.
do/does -> did (I said) ‘It doesn't matter.’ -> I said that it didn't matter.
(he said) ‘I don't know your address.’ -> He said that he didn't know my address.
like -> liked
go -> went
(Mary said) ‘I like tomatoes.’ -> Mary said that she liked tomatoes.
(they said) ‘We often go to the cinema.’ -> They said that they often went to the cinema.
say something (to somebody): They said that… (not ‘They said me that …’)
tell somebody something: They told me that… / They told Ann that
- He said that he was tired. (not ‘He said me that he was tired.’)
but He told me that he was tired. (not ‘He told that he was tired.’)
- What did he say to you? (not ‘say you’)
but What did he tell you? (not ‘tell to you’) - He said that he was tired. or He said he was tired. (withoutthat’)
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