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Unit 18. Used to (do)
(использование used to do)

Study this example situation:
Unit 18. Used to (do) Dennis stopped smoking two years ago. He doesn't smoke any more.
But he used to smoke.
He used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day.
He used to smoke = he smoked regularly for some time in the past, but he doesn't smoke now. He was a smoker, but now he isn't.
Unit 18. Used to (do)

Something used to happen = something happened regularly in the past but no longer happens: We also use used to … for something that was true but is not true any more: I used to do something is Past. There is no Present form. You cannot say I use to do. To talk about the Present, use the Present Simple (I do).
he used to smoke
he smokes
we used to live
we live
there used to be
there is
The normal question form is did (you) use to…?: The negative form is didn't use to… (used not to… is also possible) Compare I used to do and I was doing (see Unit 6. Past Сontinuous (I was doing)
(прошедшее продолженное время)): Do not confuse I used to do and I am used to doing (see Unit 60. Be/get used to something (I'm used to …)
(использование данных оборотов)). The structures and meanings are different: See Unit 40. Would I wish … would
(использование данных оборотов).
See Unit 60. Be/get used to something (I'm used to …)
(использование данных оборотов).
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