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Unit 51. get

Unit 51. get
- Did you get my letter last week? (= receive)
- I like your pullover. Where did you get it? (= buy)
- (on the phone) ‘Hello, can I speak to Ann, please?’ ‘One moment. I'll get her.’ (= fetch)
- Is it difficult to get a job in your country? (= find) Unit 51. get
- Drink your coffee. It's getting cold.
- If you don't eat, you get hungry.
- I'm sorry he's ill. I hope he gets better soon.
also: get married and get lost:
- Linda and Frank are getting married next month.
- I went for a walk and got lost. (= I lost my way)
- I usually get to work before 8.30. (= arrive at work)
- We went to Oxford yesterday. We left London at 8.00 and got to Oxford at 9.00.
- Can you tell me how to get to the city centre?
but get home (not ‘get to home’):
- What time did you get home last night?
Unit 51. get
get in (a car)
get out (of a car)
get on/get off (a bus, a train, a plane)
Unit 51. get Unit 51. get

- She got in the car and drove away. (you can also say ‘got into the car’)
- A car stopped and a man got out. (but ‘got out of the car’)
- They got on the bus outside the hotel and got off in Cross Street.
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