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Unit 52. go

- I'm going to France next week.
- What time do you usually go to work?
- Tom didn't want to go to the concert.
- I went to the dentist on Friday.
- What time did you go to bed last night?
Unit 52. go

also: go to sleep (= start to sleep):
- I went to bed and went to sleep very quickly.
go home (without to):
- I'm going home now. (not ‘going to home’) - We go on holiday (to Scotland) every year.
- When we were on holiday, we went on a lot of excursions to different places.
- Schoolchildren often go away on school trips. - The sea looks nice. Let's go for a swim.
- Last night we went out for a meal. The restaurant was very good.
- ‘Where's Ann?’ ‘She's gone for a walk in the park.’
- They've gone to Scotland for a holiday.
(We say ‘on holidaybutfor a holiday’)

We use go -ing for sporting activities (go swimming / go skiing / go jogging / go fishing etc.) and also shopping (go shopping):

I go
he is going
we went
they have gone
she wants to go
Unit 52. go
- We live near the mountains. In winter we go skiing every weekend.
- She has a small boat and she often goes sailing.
- Are you going shopping this afternoon?
- It's a nice day. Let's go swimming. (or Let's go for a swim.)
- George went fishing last Sunday. He caught a lot offish.
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