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Unit 63. a/an and the
(неопределённый и определённый артикли)

a/an   the
a/an in english grammar the in english grammar

- They've got a car. (there are many cars and they've got one)

- I'm writing a letter. (there are many letters and I'm writing one)

- When we were in London, we stayed at a small hotel. (there are many small hotels in London)

- Rome is a big city in Italy. (there are many big cities in Italy and Rome is one)

- Britain is an island. (there are many islands and Britain is one)

- I'm going to clean the car tomorrow. (= my car)

- I wrote to her but the letter never arrived. (= the letter that I wrote)

- We didn't enjoy our holiday. The hotel was terrible. (= our hotel)

- Rome is the capital of Italy. (there is only one capital of Italy)

- What is the largest island in the world?

the door / the ceiling / the floor / the carpet / the light etc. (of a room)

the roof/ the garden / the kitchen / the bathroom etc. (of a house)

the centre / the station / the airport / the town hall etc. (of a town)

- «Where's Tom?» «In the garden.» (= the garden of this house)

- I turned off the light, opened the door and went out. (= the light and the door of the room)

- Do you live very far from the centre? (= the centre of your town)

- I'd like to speak to the manager, please. (= the manager of this shop)

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