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Unit 64. the
(определённый артикль)

Note that we say:


the sun / the moon / the world / the sky / the sea / the ground / the country:

- The sky is blue and the sun is shining.

- I like swimming in the sea.

- They live in a town but they want to live in the country.


the police / the fire brigade / the army (of a city, country etc.):

- My brother is a soldier. He's in the army.


the piano/guitar/trumpet etc. (musical instruments):

- Tom is learning to play the piano.



the radio but television (without the):

I often listen to the radio. What's on the radio tonight?

I like watching television. What's on television tonight?

but Can you turn off the television ( = the TV set)?


breakfast/lunch/dinner (without the):

I never have breakfast. (not «the breakfast»)

What are you going to have for lunch?

Dinner is ready!

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