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Unit 33. Should (1)
(использование should (1))

You should do something = it is a good thing to do or the right thing to do. You can use should to give advice or to give an opinion:

We often use should with I think / I don't think / Do you think…?:

‘You shouldn't do something’ = it isn't a good thing to do:

Should is not as strong as must:

We also use should when something is not right or what we expect. For example:

  • I wonder where Liz is. She should be here by now. (= she isn't here yet, and this is not normal)
  • The price on this packet is wrong. It should be £1.20, not £1.50.
  • Those boys shouldn't be playing football at this time. They should be at school.

We use should to say that we expect something to happen:

  • She's been studying hard for the exam, so she should pass. (= I expect her to pass)
  • There are plenty of hotels in the town. It shouldn't be difficult to find somewhere to stay. (= I don't expect that it will be difficult)
Unit 33. Should (1)

‘You should have done something’ = you didn't do it but it would have been the right thing to do:

Compare should (do) and should have (done):

Ought to

You can use ought to instead of should in the sentences on this page. Note that we say ‘ought to do…’ (with to):

See Unit 34 Should (2) (использование should (2)) and Unit 35 Had better It's time … (использование данных оборотов).

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