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Unit 34. Should (2)
(использование should (2))

You can use should after a number of verbs, especially:

suggest propose recommend insist demand

In the same way, you can use should after suggestion / proposal / recommendation etc.

You can also leave out should in all the sentences:

This form (you be / he apologise etc.) is sometimes called the subjunctive.

You can also use normal Present and Past tenses:

Be careful with suggest. You cannot use to… (‘to do / to buy’ etc.) after suggest:
  • What do you suggest we should do?
    or What do you suggest we do? (but not ‘What do you suggest us to do?’)
  • Jane suggested that I (should) buy a car.
    or Jane suggested that I bought a car. (but not ‘Jane suggested me to buy’)

For suggest -ing, see Unit 52.


You can use should after a number of adjectives, especially:

strange odd funny typical natural interesting surprised surprising

If… should…

You can say ‘If something should happen…’. For example:

You can use I should… /1 shouldn't… to give somebody advice. For example: